Around the World in 80 Days


Today's show I talk about how I ended up studying Chinese and living in Taiwan in response to a listener named Tom. Also sign out in Chinese again in response to Jack. The rest in some good tuneage from some rockin musicians-make 'em smile. Visit their sites, go to their shows and buy their music from them directly if possible.

LNY 3:17 monkeybacon
President's Day 4:27 Sticky Pistil
Voodoo 3:26 SPIRAL BEACH
Black Hole 5:03 AQUALUNG
Everything You've Done Wrong 4:00 SLOAN

War of the Worlds


Thanks for feedback on the shows-this is pretty good eclectic mix. Props to my buddy Andrea Di Mauro-Walton on her Chicago photo exhibition: A Woman' exploration and questioning of expectations (Gallery 1900-1900 N. Ashland, Chicago) from Jan,30-Mar-15th. Mention my foray into virtual fashion and contacts within and regarding SL.

Out Of Sight    5:35    Uncut
Reel    3:38    Jawbox
euphoric    5:22    redzone
Lounge Café    4:41    Luiz Macedo
Notorious    3:45    Turbulence
Bobby (Nicorola Remix)    3:36    Bobby Baby 
Work Slow Life    3:35    So Percussion
Worried Life Blues    7:17    Michael Landau
Black Mirror    4:13    Arcade Fire
DeadBed:Dead (Diskonaut Atomschweisser mix)    6:55    Lady B

“Juel” in the Rough

Today's featured artist is Juel Resistance(SL) /Suzen Juel Beach(RL) singer/songwriter and owner of SL's "The Living Room" from same area as Bob Dylan, The Replacements, Husker Du, and Prince: Twin Cities, MN. We play some Juel music and other SL musicians as well.
Souls and Spices 3:04 Suzen Juel Beach
Take You Down 2:45 Suzen Juel Beach
roadmap 2:57 Suzen Juel Beach
Bones 3:07 Suzen Juel Beach
Disarm Yourself 4:29 Lyndon Heart/ George Michael
Shy 3:09 Charles Coleman
chardonnay 3:47 Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico
Padova 3:35 Astrin Few/ Sam Hokin and Flaming Moe/Brian Tervo
Background music:Our abourous 3:18 Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico

Music to Start the Year Right

Thomas Ormston

First show of the new year so some kickass podsafe music to start it. Several of the artists(most in fact are friends from Second Life). The others from ILike reccomendations. Promo for my buddy back in NJ Matt Mango's guitar bitch-Jack the Mangan. Mention upcoming music seminar in SL on Feb. 3.If you are a musican and are interested in playing in SL send me an e-mail.
Osmosis    3:46    Johnny Ragin
Shakin' That Thing    4:15    Los Blancos
Old Enough     6:25    the matthew show 
O Assinalado    3:32    Ju Polimeno e Cruz e Souza
Be My Baby    3:34    Tripp 7 Music
What is Love? final    4:43    Robina Islam
Chet    2:47     Alex Whtimore
Camping Song    3:58    Because We Can (Australia)
The Road to Hopetown    5:53    U.K.Heights
Bed music: The hunt    8:08    The Abogix (J.K.)

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