Gotta Get More Guitar

by Mark Forman on November 19, 2006


Sorry, but "more cowbell" just wasn't doing it for me. This was a session where  I just needed more guitar-based music. Must be they way I'm wired or something. The music is eclectic and international as always. Poem: Edgar Allen Poe- A Dream Within a Dream. Promos: U-Turn Cafe Hutchins/Sigler/Morris

Romantic Rights    3:15    Death From Above
Fuzz hill    3:35    Noodles
We Are One    4:01    Buckethead & Friends
Summer Babe (Winter Version)    3:16    Pavement
Low Desert Punk    5:21    Brant Bjork
Heroin    5:21    The Wildhearts
Front Page    2:38    Bonk
Call To Love    3:25    Crooked Fingers
The big jump    4:30      Derek
Mad Love    4:36    Belles Will Ring
Guitar Bed: In A Persian Market    3:02    Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys  

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