You Know You Like That

by Mark Forman on November 7, 2006


Hello everybody-it's that time again where I bring some words and some music and we have fun together-yeah! Talk about my music event in Second Life: Push Chandler, Ricardo Sprocket, Juel Resistance, Etherian Kamaboko, Boogie Man Komuso Tokugawa,etc. Give props to my boys: Chris Miller, Jack Mangan, and Aron Michalski .

blowing bubbles 3:59 opiate
Rude Boy 6:13 The Uptones
Sunday Driver Down 3:36 Loomer
Clock Works 5:13 Seiji Toda
Hyperballad (LFO Disco Sync Mix) 4:21 Bjork
Alala 3:58 CSS Cansei De Ser Sexy
Oh Messy Life 2:02 Cap'n Jazz
The Girls Want To Be With The Girls 3:52 Talking Heads
N.Y. Doll 3:43 Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3
Chewing Gum 3:54 Annie

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