November 2006

Stars on My Ceiling

11.30.2006 by Mark Forman

 jvcluis Mention new podcast I'm working on: Second Life Notes and Peter Greenstone known from Second Life's Melvin Took. The rest is a good ecelectic mix IMHO-enjoy!Yes, almost forgot -the Monkey King inside. Radio    3:58    Apes & Androids               Bom Bom Bom (Boys Noize Remix)    5:25    The Living Things    Speed Up    2:32    Pureape    […]


All Noted:3-Out Of Africa

11.20.2006 by Mark Forman

 Spakman Well this show might be my favorite so far. Jean prepared an all South African contemporary music mix. We discuss South African music scene and culture at length. Versatile Flying Objects      Kalahari Surfers Whistling in Tongues    Felix Laband The Way I do    Clint Peterson Ketsang   Gordon's Suitcase Bananas   Aquarian One in Many    […]


Gotta Get More Guitar

11.19.2006 by Mark Forman

 xbrendangenius Sorry, but "more cowbell" just wasn't doing it for me. This was a session where  I just needed more guitar-based music. Must be they way I'm wired or something. The music is eclectic and international as always. Poem: Edgar Allen Poe- A Dream Within a Dream. Promos: U-Turn Cafe Hutchins/Sigler/Morris Romantic Rights    3:15    Death […]


Cuba Si

11.13.2006 by Mark Forman

Angel D This show inspired by me taking my son to see the Cuban national baseball team play Italy in new ballpark here in Taichung. The Cuban team trounced the Italians and I got entire Cuban team autographs for my son. So music has Cuban related theme-kind of. Also get back to Monkey King. Shout out […]


You Know You Like That

11.07.2006 by Mark Forman

 Archangeli Hello everybody-it's that time again where I bring some words and some music and we have fun together-yeah! Talk about my music event in Second Life: Push Chandler, Ricardo Sprocket, Juel Resistance, Etherian Kamaboko, Boogie Man Komuso Tokugawa,etc. Give props to my boys: Chris Miller, Jack Mangan, and Aron Michalski . blowing bubbles 3:59 […]