Telling Tales Out of School


Today's show contains episode 5 of the Monkey King. No earth shaking rants or anecdotes. Just hanging on a lazy Sunday. Brought lots of sounds with me-here they are:

Lives_of_Crime    3:53    Spelled in Bones
Margaritas    2:56    Love As Laughter 
Monkey    4:19    Low
The First Vietnamese War    3:30    The Black Angels
El Raton    5:44    SONGO 21
Hide Ya Face (Remix)    2:55    El-P and Ghostface
Silver Screen (Adult. Mix)    4:21    Felix Da Housecat Featuring Miss Kittin
Encoded Designs    6:40    Revolution Void 
Falling Out    4:06    The Sammies 
Galactic bed: Lonely Satellites    5:26    Alchemical9

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  • Big Ed

    WooYoo Monkey!!!

  • admin

    Monkeying around on LD weekend, huh?

  • Big Ed

    I am in retail on my way to work.

  • admin

    Ahh, I C. Happy Work Day!

  • WNDRWolf

    Life of Crime had a Gearge Harrison Sound to it. Or that's what came to mind anyway

  • admin

    Now that you mention it. Yes like Harrison with Beatles.

  • Alvie

    Ok! No more! I catch up today!!!1


    Lets do it Mark! Go! Go! Go! Monkey monkey do it do it!

  • Alvie

    Aw... poor monkey...

  • Alvie

    I AM diggin the booty shakin!!!

  • admin

    Monkeys and booty shakin go together like salt and peanuts.