September 2006

What is Second Life

09.29.2006 by Mark Forman

What is Second Life is the question everbody is asking and todays's MindField episode hopes to answer. We've taken our explanation right from SL's site and have matched up  music to some of the key words in the SL info. Hope that it'll both answer some of your questions and encourage you to explore the […]


Muse Isle-Sweet

09.28.2006 by Mark Forman

Had the privilege of meeting up with Mike(owner) and Martha(mgr) of Muse-Isle; a lovely spot in SecondLife devoted to music and the arts. Beautifully designed and really nice layout. Trying to get the MoShang man to do a concert in there.


What Lovely Shoes I Have

09.26.2006 by Mark Forman

 Rocket-Sputter Talk some more about adventures in SL and attending Hutch's premiere, hanging out and chatting about music over tea. Do Monkey King Ep. 7 . Play a promo for Solipsistic Nation Broken Down Lonely    2:49    Broken Robots Slider     3:04    slowmotion movie broken windows and sandpaper bags    4:39   weirsh Be     3:53         Weatherpond stare at the […]


Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Podcast Series

09.25.2006 by Mark Forman

Just thought I'd provide this link to SFF Audio who are doing a comprehensive article on all of Cory Doctorow's podcasts including the DAO series I did last year. Perhaps some of you that haven't listened would like to. Thanks Jesse!


Remake Remodel Remix

09.20.2006 by Mark Forman

 Poagao Remixes (check out CCMixter) have been getting a lot of my attention lately. Listening doing them, etc. I attempt to explain difference between remix and mashup. Play some Touch and Go label music on their 25th  anniversary, heads up to Andrea for telling me about the concert. Play promo for WanderRadio and JC Hutchins […]


It’s Kind of “Touch and Go”

09.19.2006 by Mark Forman

This was a very informative article about Chicago's fine indie record label-Touch and Go. Many of the bands and genres represented here were off of my radar screen. Not any more. Here is link for the Pitchfork article-Happy 25th T&G!. link


The King and I

09.18.2006 by Mark Forman

yoel herzberg Talk about some markets and shops in Asia. Do Episode 5 of the Monkey King and some tuneage. That's all she wrote. Hot Lava 5:30 Mahjongg Iron God Chamber 3:50 Masta Killa Monkey Gone To Heaven 3:49 Frank Black Kool Katz 4:50 Matt Mango Bangkok, Thailand 6:40 Torley Wong Sponsorships 3:15 Les Georges Leningrad […]


Hiding in Plain Sight

09.15.2006 by Mark Forman

Dave Shearn Wasup friends and fellow music lovers? Talk about me as Bounty Hunter tracking down long lost friends via the net ala Boba Fett. Share some whimsy from the days of my youth. Mention my audio bit on lst EGC clambake explaining  why I bother to podcast. The rest-the ears have it! Deadpan promo C\'mon    3:55   […]


Five Years: 9/11/06

09.12.2006 by Mark Forman

Qai's Dad, Arnel I'm not going to say much here because I already said what I had to say in the podcast. However I would like to say how very proud I am of the NYC Police and Fire Departments and the people of NYC during that time of crisis and insanity, and how they showed […]


All Noted’s Maiden Voyage

09.10.2006 by Mark Forman

adamsimms Wasup peeps? Here's the first episode of All Noted podcast with Jean Marais (MoShang) as my cohost. I think you'll be pleased but we'll reserve judgement until we get your seal of approval. Jean prepared the following remixes from 5 sources. Thanks to Andrea Hottie, Jack Mangorum, Jack WolfRadio Man, and Paul the BaldiCon […]