Drinking With God

by Mark Forman on August 22, 2006

W4B Photography

This MindField was based on "Drinking With God" a short piece of fiction submitted by listener Eric from Ontario. The music that I chose is heavy on the "female" content-yeah. Sure love them ladies! Please remember to keep us in mind for original short fiction, poetry, music,etc.

Lady Killer (Diplo Mix) 3:24 M.I.A.
High Rise 5:00 Ladytron
It Ain't Supposed to Be 2:25 Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners
Video Kid 4:34 The Birthday Massacre
Shove U Out 2:24 The Applicators
Standing In The Way Of Control 4:16 The Gossip
I've got trouble 2:22 The Gear
Rock And Roll Ain't Evil 3:19 The Flairz
Cuts Across The Land 3:12 The Duke Spirit
Sun Baby 4:16 The High Violets
The very hot bed: Steel Rose (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) 6:06 Project Pitchfork

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  • Alvie

    Mmmkay just looking at the song lineup gets me all a twitter. Cant wait to listen.

    Whos the group in the photo Mark?

  • Alvie

    Well done Mark! Good story, great song choices.

    Gossip and The Birthday Massacre are teh_radisome.

  • Eric

    Hey Mark, thank you for reading my piece of short fiction. I consider it an honour. You did a great job, music was fantastic. I’m a big fan of your show and have been slowly catching up. I think I’m halfway through the listing on itunes. Anyway just wanted to say thanks. Keep kickin’ ass!


  • admin

    A-don't know who bnd in photo is. You can click on link and try to backtrack.I love Birthday Massacre's big sound. Story credit goes to Eric.

    E-Glad you liked it-I was pretty happy with song choices/ completed result.

  • Here's a link to the photoset for The Scarlet Sins

    Four Scarlet Sins tracks for download at scarletsinsonline.com

    Also on that page, mention that the individual tracks from one of the songs will be available to remix. Can't DL at work so I have no idea what they sound like.

  • admin

    Nicely done Mr. Brackett. Have DL and will give a listen.