Drinking With God

W4B Photography

This MindField was based on "Drinking With God" a short piece of fiction submitted by listener Eric from Ontario. The music that I chose is heavy on the "female" content-yeah. Sure love them ladies! Please remember to keep us in mind for original short fiction, poetry, music,etc.

Lady Killer (Diplo Mix) 3:24 M.I.A.
High Rise 5:00 Ladytron
It Ain't Supposed to Be 2:25 Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners
Video Kid 4:34 The Birthday Massacre
Shove U Out 2:24 The Applicators
Standing In The Way Of Control 4:16 The Gossip
I've got trouble 2:22 The Gear
Rock And Roll Ain't Evil 3:19 The Flairz
Cuts Across The Land 3:12 The Duke Spirit
Sun Baby 4:16 The High Violets
The very hot bed: Steel Rose (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) 6:06 Project Pitchfork

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6 thoughts on “Drinking With God

  1. Mmmkay just looking at the song lineup gets me all a twitter. Cant wait to listen.

    Whos the group in the photo Mark?

  2. Hey Mark, thank you for reading my piece of short fiction. I consider it an honour. You did a great job, music was fantastic. I’m a big fan of your show and have been slowly catching up. I think I’m halfway through the listing on itunes. Anyway just wanted to say thanks. Keep kickin’ ass!


  3. A-don't know who bnd in photo is. You can click on link and try to backtrack.I love Birthday Massacre's big sound. Story credit goes to Eric.

    E-Glad you liked it-I was pretty happy with song choices/ completed result.

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