Black Rain

Photo by dr. motte

This MindField episode is about the positive ramifications of the color Black. All the thematic info was gathered from WikiPedia article on black.

Hi My Name Is .vs. Back In Black    2:54    Wake Up Screaming
Robots Dream In Black And White    2:16    Koyla
Di Black Petty Booshwah (12'' Version)    3:41    Linton Kwesi Johnson
Black Metallic    7:18    Catherine Wheel
Black Hand    3:47    Cadence Weapon
Black Night (DJ Baba & Dan the Automator Remix)    3:37    Badar Ali Kahn
Black & Red    2:12    Avail
Black Horse Cherry Tree(BendyMix)    5:19     KT Tunstall
Mysterious in Black    4:55    The Mendoza Line 
Deep Black    2:57    The Smithereens
Black On Black    3:49    Vailcode 
Jet-Black Bed: The Black House    3:51    The Summer Wardrobe

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6 thoughts on “Black Rain

  1. Mark, thank you so much for playing Black Metallic. I fricking love that song and the memories it brings back. Shoegaze on my brutha!!!!

  2. I was surprised at the mash-up first song... I think it is better than the original slim shady song... I have to play this for my teen!!!

  3. Everybody lend a helping hand-Alvie's behind is falling.

    Black Metallic is kewl-shoegaze is my fav.

    Koyla and Avail do rock indeed.

    Big Ed gets a de nada.

    My name is WHAT?

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