Dances with Monkeys

by Mark Forman on August 1, 2006

Photo by furcafe

The new trend in electro-dance bands is very exciting as they blend the rock with heavy dance beats. Lots of good flavor there and it is a very international trend-boundary-less the way I like it. We also feature the first reading from the "Monkey King" one of the Chinese classics. even mention the "dead monkey boy" thing.

Raumschiffkommandant - Der Tante Renate Remix    3:29    Der Tante Renate   Video
Bezzi    4:34    CSS  Video
wake_up_drive_thru    3:22    the+upside+down
Who Are You? Featuring Scavone, Bad Seed & Pumpkinhead    4:00    Deaf In The Family
Raumschiffkommandant - garage-elektropunk-remix    3:32    Egotronic    Video
Supernova    4:22    Opal
Woman (MSTRKRFT remix)    3:29    Wolfmother    Video
Technology    3:41    The Whigs
Kundalini Express    5:52    Love and Rockets
Mainbed: The Sidewalk Cruise    3:49    Cassettes Won't Listen
MonkeyKing bed: Funeral Song    2:49    MoShang

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  • Alvie

    Raumschiffkommandant = Spaceship Commander? Ah those quazy Deutsch and thier thumpin beats/quazy lyrics!

    OOOOH! Forman gots da Audio comments too!!!

  • Big Ed

    I am going to write this message on both the small WORLD podcast and the Mark Forman’s Getting a Leg Up Podcast sites.

    I am worried that Just telling the both of you that I love that episode two or three times a week may begin to sound some what boring or dishonest.
    The Dances with Monkeys was fantastic I am a big Fan of WolfMother one of the bands mashed in the show. It was great. I loved the Monkey King so far.
    Bazooka Joe,
    The Music Monday! The Barbarellatones was very good as well I loved the interview Robbie Quine seemed to be really having a good time too. I thought the music was terrific; I am going to CdBaby today to order some.
    I would like you, both, to let us your audience know what we can do to help you make these shows.
    Thank you,
    Big Ed

  • Alvie

    Totally stereophonic.

  • admin

    Alvie-Ja das is gut

    Big Ed-Keep the conversation going ask about and reccomend bands that are cool. I know a "lot" but definitely not "all." Hence, I'm always in the want to learn more mode-dig? You guys provide good info-I'll incorporate it into good shows.

    Unfortunately my quadrophonic 8-track wave machine wasn't working. Did you feel the sensurround?

  • Great music as usual. That Monkey Bed is great too. Can't wait to get the MoShang CD.

  • admin

    MoShang is quality stuff. Very tasteful. thx.