Dances with Monkeys

Photo by furcafe

The new trend in electro-dance bands is very exciting as they blend the rock with heavy dance beats. Lots of good flavor there and it is a very international trend-boundary-less the way I like it. We also feature the first reading from the “Monkey King” one of the Chinese classics. even mention the “dead monkey boy” thing.

Raumschiffkommandant – Der Tante Renate Remix    3:29    Der Tante Renate   Video
Bezzi    4:34    CSS  Video
wake_up_drive_thru    3:22    the+upside+down
Who Are You? Featuring Scavone, Bad Seed & Pumpkinhead    4:00    Deaf In The Family
Raumschiffkommandant – garage-elektropunk-remix    3:32    Egotronic    Video
Supernova    4:22    Opal
Woman (MSTRKRFT remix)    3:29    Wolfmother    Video
Technology    3:41    The Whigs
Kundalini Express    5:52    Love and Rockets
Mainbed: The Sidewalk Cruise    3:49    Cassettes Won’t Listen
MonkeyKing bed: Funeral Song    2:49    MoShang

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6 thoughts on “Dances with Monkeys

  1. Raumschiffkommandant = Spaceship Commander? Ah those quazy Deutsch and thier thumpin beats/quazy lyrics!

    OOOOH! Forman gots da Audio comments too!!!

  2. I am going to write this message on both the small WORLD podcast and the Mark Forman’s Getting a Leg Up Podcast sites.

    I am worried that Just telling the both of you that I love that episode two or three times a week may begin to sound some what boring or dishonest.
    The Dances with Monkeys was fantastic I am a big Fan of WolfMother one of the bands mashed in the show. It was great. I loved the Monkey King so far.
    Bazooka Joe,
    The Music Monday! The Barbarellatones was very good as well I loved the interview Robbie Quine seemed to be really having a good time too. I thought the music was terrific; I am going to CdBaby today to order some.
    I would like you, both, to let us your audience know what we can do to help you make these shows.
    Thank you,
    Big Ed

  3. Totally stereophonic.

  4. Alvie-Ja das is gut

    Big Ed-Keep the conversation going ask about and reccomend bands that are cool. I know a “lot” but definitely not “all.” Hence, I’m always in the want to learn more mode-dig? You guys provide good info-I’ll incorporate it into good shows.

    Unfortunately my quadrophonic 8-track wave machine wasn’t working. Did you feel the sensurround?

  5. Great music as usual. That Monkey Bed is great too. Can’t wait to get the MoShang CD.

  6. MoShang is quality stuff. Very tasteful. thx.

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