August 2006

Towering Inferno

08.30.2006 by Mark Forman

bleu celt Howdy posse-today's show is a rant on music, where it's going, how it got there,etc. Mention the impending doom of Tower Records, Longtail model, scarcity model, and Future of Music. Most importantly play a bunch of slammin' tunes. Retreat 3:00 The Rakes I Fall Easy 3:29 The Catheters Blindspots 5:37 Mudhoney Casserole 2:31 Jason Loewenstein […]


Monkeying Around

08.26.2006 by Mark Forman

sallylondon So we all been there and done that. I did ep. 4 of Monkey King played a good eclectic mix-stuck in a cool promo from Jack H at Wander Radio and skidaddled. Sweet Soul Music    1:58    The Gladiators truest thing    7:18    the oxygen ponies What Makes The Monkey Dance    4:10    Chuck Prophet Town    4:09    Richard […]


Barlow to MPAA: Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Lose the P2P War

08.25.2006 by Mark Forman

BBC News recently recorded a debate about P2P between MPAA President Dan Glickman and EFF Co-Founder John Perry Barlow. Watch the whole thing here, and don't miss another classic Barlow quote: "The good news is that you guys have managed to buy every major legislative body in the planet, but you know the problem is, the […]


8 Legs & 2 Wheels

08.24.2006 by Mark Forman

One of the common and fascinating sights here in Taiwan and Asia. Much less frequent then when I first got here. Today's show no real theme-just some great tunes. Happy Birthday Kevin(#12)! Car No Driver    4:05    Dirty on Purpose   Video Well Thought Out Twinkles    4:02    Silversun Pickups  Video Walking The Plank    3:47    Apollo Up    Video Aliens […]

& 2 Wheels">


Drinking With God

08.22.2006 by Mark Forman

W4B Photography This MindField was based on "Drinking With God" a short piece of fiction submitted by listener Eric from Ontario. The music that I chose is heavy on the "female" content-yeah. Sure love them ladies! Please remember to keep us in mind for original short fiction, poetry, music,etc. Lady Killer (Diplo Mix) 3:24 M.I.A. High […]