Charlie Don’t Surf

by Mark Forman on July 30, 2006

Photo by Tmaupin

Time to Chill Down again. Going crazy from the heat. Got some nice music and words that evoke images of relaxing on nice beaches with cool breezes. Some songs that sound like some well-known surfer turned singer-songwriter. Good summer mix over all.

Young Once    4:10    Alex McEwan
Understood By Your Dad     2:29    Brad Sucks
Conceal Me    3:54    Xavier Rudd
With Eyes CLosed    4:20    Kalai
Ninguem Faz Ideia    3:56    Lenine
Little Sparrow    4:41    Bettye LaVette
Back to the Mother    5:43    Jay Collins Band 
Y (Be Like That) (Jaydee Remix)    4:58    The Pharcyde
Mas Que Nada    4:01    Leo Gandelman
Badass bed: Weekend Amnesia    3:55    Revolution Void

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  • Big Ed

    Very clilled, Thanks Mark that was just what I was hopin' for!

  • admin

    Yeah it's good to do a few of these during peak heat season.

  • I no longer need ice in my drink. Great Show! Be careful you are setting the bar awefully high. lol No problems for the Shogun.

  • admin

    Chin Chin-big sip and the deserved, "ahhhhhhhhh."

  • Alvie

    Nice slowdown Mr. F.

    I feel 30 degrees cooler.

    Still not as cool as da Bluesman.

    Xavier Rudd some dope slidin.

  • admin

    Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cool. I feel so conflicted.

    Xavier definitely has a nice attack on that slide.That totally made the song for me.