Truth or Consequences Motel

by Mark Forman on July 24, 2006

Photo by Paulus Maximus

Today's MindField is a very noirish rendering of Jack Mangan's flash fiction piece: Truth or Consequences Motel, which was published in Neometropolis magazine. Here is the music that help's set the mood.

Heart Attack American 2:51 The Bronx
tira a camizero 2:14 dj gorky
Music For A Future City 7:10 CamTarn
Episodes (Diphenhydramine) 3:25 Pela
miniperformer 3:45 superargo
Lefty's Alone 3:58 Drop Trio
Shoot Frank 4:22 Cage
Cyberpunk bed: Black Skies 5:52 CamTarn

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  • Another excellent show. Once again proving why you are the reigning Shogun.

  • Alvie

    Youve done yourself and Jack proud.

  • admin

    WW-Thanks-I rolled some dice on this one. Got to do that sometimes.

    A-Thanks man-coming from you that is very flattering and reassuring.

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  • Alvie

    The man himself has spake, and lo, it was good...

  • admin


  • Torture! I can't download this at work! Must be time to go home.

  • admin

    Torture? any volunteers? Hehe. Oh-Halloween still a long way off.

  • Sorry to pop in so late with this comment --- but I really appreciate your wonderful treatment and reading of my story, Mark. Excellent music choices; excellent vocal delivery. Thank you so much!

  • admin

    Good story fun for me all the way.

  • Magnificent! I rarely replay podcasts since I can barely keep up as it is, but I played this one twice. It speaks to me in a way that few Podiobooks do, and it's prompted me to make a few changes. You know, those access points really aren't that hard to find once you know how to look for them. Especially at night. The blinking lights give away the location, and they provide a convenient target to aim for in the dim light.

  • admin

    Hugh-thx. No more kool-aid for you.