MoShang Interview/CD Premier

by Mark Forman on July 19, 2006

Today's FreeCulture News welcomes Jean Marais from Capetown, SA. More recently multi-cultural (African/Chinese) electronic recording artist MoShang(Jean's recording name) from Taichung, Taiwan. I had the pleasure of talking with Jean in his home studio allowing me to view some of his computer music tools and instruments. Jean is a very interesting person with a real good feel for music as you will hear in the interview.

Thanks to MoShang for sponsoring contest-there were 3 winners: Jack Holsey, Alvie, and Hugh Brackett. All won copies of Chill Dynasty. You can still by from Jean here.
Udokotela Shange Namajaha
Dragonbeat 3:24 MoShang Made in Taiwan
Street Song 3:40 MoShang Made in Taiwan
ComfortZone 5:06 MoShang Chill Dynasty
Soli 5:13 MoShang Chill Dynasty
Traditional Chinese bed music: An_Autumnal_Feeling_of_Desolation 5:09

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