July 2006

Charlie Don’t Surf

07.30.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Tmaupin Time to Chill Down again. Going crazy from the heat. Got some nice music and words that evoke images of relaxing on nice beaches with cool breezes. Some songs that sound like some well-known surfer turned singer-songwriter. Good summer mix over all. Young Once    4:10    Alex McEwan Understood By Your Dad     2:29    Brad Sucks […]


Playing with Dolls

07.27.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by DenaL Wow-hard to believe after all these years the (NY) Dolls are doing another record. Not bad in fact. Open things up with their single and play some other interesting new stuff. Share some Taiwan memories (with MoShang's Nun Other in the bed) and do new segment, "According to Me" reccomending Chuck Prophet to Jim. […]


Truth or Consequences Motel

07.24.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Paulus Maximus Today's MindField is a very noirish rendering of Jack Mangan's flash fiction piece: Truth or Consequences Motel, which was published in Neometropolis magazine. Here is the music that help's set the mood. Heart Attack American 2:51 The Bronx tira a camizero 2:14 dj gorky Music For A Future City 7:10 CamTarn Episodes (Diphenhydramine) […]


Treasure Island

07.21.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by hddod Treasure Island is the name of a flavor of ice cream scraped together from the bottom of several tubs of ice cream. Today's show is a "treasure island" of music-great interesting stuff, my newest eX-Wife Files (The Dream Sequence), some promos: Share the pain and Spherical Tomi, and my continued lunacy slowed down […]


SmallWorld’s Bazooka Joe Interviews me

07.19.2006 by Mark Forman

Check out the interview with Bazooka Joe of SmallWorld Podcast. He is one  of the best interviewers in podcasting. Excellent producer too. If you haven't listened to him-you owe it to yourself.


MoShang Interview/CD Premier

07.19.2006 by Mark Forman

Today's FreeCulture News welcomes Jean Marais from Capetown, SA. More recently multi-cultural (African/Chinese) electronic recording artist MoShang(Jean's recording name) from Taichung, Taiwan. I had the pleasure of talking with Jean in his home studio allowing me to view some of his computer music tools and instruments. Jean is a very interesting person with a real […]


A “T” and “A” Show

07.16.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Man & His Cam More specifically a "Thee" and "A" show. All the band names begin either with "thee" or "a". The "thee" bands tend to have a pronounced "British invasion" garage band flavor and more than likely include Thee Billy Childish. Some interesting stuff in any case. Shout out to Jack M and […]


Cloned “Love”

07.15.2006 by Mark Forman

I've been geting all kinds of nice feedback from listeners on "Clone Music" show Yeaaaaaahhhhhh. Here is some cool CD ART from Michael  complete file here This is commentary and alternate music list from Doug from The Beta Army  Those of who subscribe to the feed will have gotten the special episode that is the […]


What are Your Clones Listening to?

07.13.2006 by Mark Forman

Well if you are some of the few who haven't heard JC Hutchin's 7th Son podiobook. You're in for a pleasant surprise, with a twist. This episode welcomes JC Hutchins to GLU. JC informs us of the musical tastes of his 7 clone characters and one extra: Master cloner baddie: John Alpha. Great selection of […]


…With a Little Help from my Friends

07.09.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by carf Today's cast is just some music pointed out by some different friends. Good stuff and all new to me-yeah, the best kind. Nothing better to me than friends bearing "music." Mention a couple of listener VM's, comments, e-mails-the stuff that rocks my world. Also mention a podcast I'll be doing with JC Hutchins, […]