June 2006

EscapePod:Creature for Hire

06.30.2006 by Mark Forman

Hey gang my EscapePod reading is up now here. Make sure you show Steve Eley some love for doing such a fine show, and leave a comment over there. Hope you enjoy!


Eat,Drink, Man, Woman

06.29.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Amanda47 Hello Leguppers-today's show themeless, but not pointless. Good mix of tunes with sometalk about Taiwan food-Oyster omlettes and Snow-flower ice. We want feedback on vacation plans and what music you like that we play, what kind of stuff do you like, etc. VoiceMail, blog comments, e-mails all welcome. VM-is best to share with […]


BlueShogun Show

06.27.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Geozilla This will finish out the "Blue" colored songs for now. Making progress with the new software but still room for improvement. What do you think? VM played them from Paul, Brad P, and Alvie-Styrene-keep 'em coming. Keep ideas for shows and requests coming too. Blue Sky 3:09 Gliss Video Rhythm & Blues Alibi 5:03 […]


Brooklyn Bluesman Show

06.25.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Splorp I came over all kinds of adversity to get this show done. Did it once and my hard drive tried to revolt . Did it stop me, did it intimidate me? Hah, I overcame through superior BlueShogun technology and warcraft. Here is is a great bunch of Blue songs. Please be understanding am […]


E.C. Was Here

06.21.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by LadyBug Elvis Costello, brilliant singer/song-writer has provided this list of top 100 records in rock genre. The guy has some pretty good taste. A lot of great bands/artisits in there and very eclectic, care to peek?


BlueShogun interviewed

06.20.2006 by Mark Forman

I was interviewed by fellow-Taiwan podcasters Henry and Julian on What's Up In Taiwan. don't ask me how Jack Mangan's mojo got him a mention but it did.


I’m Just Wild About Saffron

06.19.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Gorangp Well here is the Yellow/Gold music show. The title taken from Donovan's Mellow Yellow. The yellow/gold songs bring one of the brighter forms of light energy. Mentioned I'll be reading for EscapePod, should be out later this week. Keep the voice mails/comments coming. Blue and Yellow 3:21 The Used Video Yellow Cat (Slash) Red […]


Drinking Wine Spodie-odie

06.15.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Rob2655 Here we are once again co-conspirators. Got 4 VM(voice mails) included send me mailing info to bbluesman at gmail dot com if you'd like to claim a prize. Still a slice of cherry pie or 2 left. Couple of Taiwan flashbacks bout old demon alcohol and drinking culture here. Wild and crazy songs? […]


Red Sky at Night

06.12.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Kev Purcell No sailor's delight, but a bunch of songs having "Red" in their titles. Needed that "red power" to help drive away the rains and help dry things out here in water-logged Taiwan. Dinosaur Music Minute: Humble Pie Video Link Black & Red 2:12 Avail Video red, white and blue 5:30 Rich Hopkins Red […]


Pretty In Pink

06.09.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Artiechoke Today's SongStory is a bout a young lady that is a double-threat: pretty and intelligent. Killing in that cashmere sweater at the mensa meetings. We use a lot of mojo on the music for this one. Enjoy. Had a problem with feed-sorry. Should be fixed now. Show is 1Hr 03Min long Convolutions 3:35 Jan […]