Dragonboat Festival

by Mark Forman on May 30, 2006

Photo by Poagao

Today's MindField is about the Dragonboat Festival-one of the "big 3" of traditional Chinese holidays. Time for the boat races, eating jongdze, etc. I had a couple of comments about some strange signal traces in audio feed. I checked with LibSyn and they said you can check here if that happens.

Priest, Poet and The Pig    5:01    Vietnam
Holiday    4:14    Animals of the Bible
One Big Holiday    5:21    My Morning Jacket
Dead in the Water    3:06    David Gray
Evil Spell    4:06    Michael Hill's Blues Mob
Sick Of It All    3:16    Hard-Fi
Chase_that_Dragon    5:52    Animals of the Bible
Out of Breath    3:50    Stinking Lizaveta
Breathe    5:50    Sistas In The Pit
Nothing Sweeter    4:24    Rico Pabon
So Much Wine    3:48    The Handsome Family
In the bed:The Dragon And The Samurai    7:54    dave holland quintet

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