The Difference Between Men and Women

Photo by Dizz

The title says it all for this episode of MindField.Yeah, I guess you can say it's like the Mars/Venus thing but with much better music, always!

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A Girl Named You 3:25 Psalm One
Eat This City 2:47 Thunderbirds Are Now!
No Money Down 2:18 Black Furies
Double Bath 3:26 Everything, Now!
Grudge 4:17 the Argument
The Cat Next Door 3:25 Tinkerbell's Dope Ring
Shitty Future 2:10 The Bronx
sweet smell of success 3:48 Tomahawk
Get Degree, Get Job, Get Married 0:52 the littleman complex
Red Dress 4:59 James McMurtry
Natural Satisfaction 4:34 The Dharmas
Children of December 4:50 The Slip
I Forget You Every Day 4:33 Chris Whitley

This is a Disembodied Voices Podcast Group Podcast

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