Community conversation

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Todays podcast I talk some about the "spirit of community" shared via podcasts, blog posts, skype, etc. Compare skype to the electronic "back yard fence" between neighbors. Today's Dinosaur Music Minute is Aerosmith's: Rocks. Play some groovy tunes with Hockey Night dedicated to Jack, Jason and Alvie. Promo for 7th Son.

Buy music directly from the artists cause we roll like that

Troubled Son 3:04 Working For A Nuclear Free City
Move From The 'Hood 3:42 Luther Allison
Dish It Out 3:17 James Chance & the Contortions
For Guys' Eyes Only 2:10 Hockey Night
Happy Pillz Featuring Aesop Rock 4:56 Murs
Jet Star 19 2:41 Zolar X
Waiting Room 2:54 Fugazi

This is a Disembodied Voices Podcast Group Podcast