One Year? Already? Yep!

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Yes kiddies it's true, Getting a Leg Up turned one year old on 04/28/06. Wow, it kind of flew by. Play some clips from various episodes of mine to put it all in context. Gave a bunch of shout outs: Brother Love, C.C. Chapman, Adam Curry, Cory Doctorow, Dave Slusher, Mark Hunter, Lawrence Lessig, Wingin It: Mike, Evo "Snakes on a mofo cosmos" Terra, Summer and Joe; D-Voices Posse: Aron Michalski, Brad P. from NJ, Nick Carver, Mike Potter, John Tai, and Hugh Brackett; and PBooks friends: Jack Mangan, Tee Morris, J.C. Hutchins, and TD0013.

You know the drill-please buy music and podiobooks directly from artists

BroLo: Push
Sans Trauma: Stare at the Floor
Organic: Bacon
Brad Sucks: Dirt Bag
Mayflies USA: Thinking Out Loud
Vallejo: Take a Ride

This is a Disembodied Voices Podcast Group Podcast

Night of the Iguana(well gecko anyway)

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Today's show I play another episode of eX-Wife Files and share annecdotes about my buddy John D., pursuing dreams, and taking advantage of opportunities. Give a shout out to Aron Michalski for skype listen to the traveling show, and to J.C. Hutchins for nice note.

Please make sure to buy music directly from artists whenever possible

Capture (Back To Me) 5:03 Mr. Nogatco
Play It All Night Long 3:29 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
You're All I Have 4:24 Snow Patrol
Loopy Loopy Love 2:44 The Brunettes
They're Coming To See Us 3:25 Jason Falkner
Bouncy Ball 2:47 Ladyfuzz
Through the Broken City 4:38 Bend Sinister
Hard Luck 2:36 Black Furies
whos-coming-through-the-window 2:30 betchadupa
Bedding down with funky grooves: In White Rooms 5:25 Booka Shade

Promos: Parking in Bitterman Circle 7th Son PodioBook

This is a Disembodied Voices Podcast Group Podcast

Yeah, what’s up with those prices starbucks?

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If you don't know about the Kid from Brooklyn (no, not me-another, older kid) you should. Mike Carracciolo says it like he thinks it in a way and with language that should be the envy of Evil Genius Chronicles' Dave Slusher. Mike's got a bunch of videos on the site with him spouting off on a variety of topics. Here is link for a video rant on Starbucks' prices. Hey, have a good laugh, know what I'm sayin?

Sharing the love…

Nothing I like better than getting some love back from an artist-in this case up and coming  sci-fi /thriller novelist: J.C. Hutchins of  "7th Son" fame. It's the little things like these that make being an amateur(dictionary definition: "to do something out of love) citizen radioist all worth it. Your welcome & thanks, Chris

Dear Mark,

I wanted to give you a quick shout-out of appreciation and  
admiration. As a longtime fan of Mike and Evo's podcasts, your voice  
has been piping into my eardrums for months now. The content you  
provide to their shows is wonderful. "Joe, did you say something?  
Joe! Say something!" Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Thanks so much for promoting Podiobooks so heavily on your podcasts,  
and for playing my promo for "7th Son" on a recent episode. It's a  
real treat to hear someone who really "gets" the potential for  
podcast fiction, and evangelizes on its behalf. And I also appreciate  
that you've posted a link 7S's Podiobooks page (and my website)! Too  
cool for school.

And since I'm heaping all this praise and thanks upon you, I also  
want to tell you how grateful I am that you mentioned 7th Son to  
Joseph at the small WORLD podcast. The way he tells the tale, you  
were instrumental in turning him on to the novel. Without that, I  
probably wouldn't have been interviewed on his program. Greatly  
appreciated, sir.

Mark, keep up the excellent work -- both in your 'casts, and all  
others that you contribute to. Thanks again for all your support!  
Take care, and drop a line anytime.

--Chris ("J.C.") Hutchins

The Sound of Music Business

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Funny how the music business can sound just like "monkey business." Seems the music making monkeys are taking control of their music and the money making monkeys don't like the bananas they are left with. We play the following songs over a bed of verbal prose imagery and some song lyrics. Famous comment on Music Biz: The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side. Hunter S. Thompson

Please by music directly from artists whenever possible.

Popular Music 3:52 Aberdeen City
Biomusicology 4:18 Ted Leo & Pharmacists
pop music 2:42 the hartmans
Music When The Lights Go Out 3:02 The Libertines
business before pleasure 2:18 Group Sounds
Ain't No Business 3:19 Roy Buchanan
No Big Deal 4:26 Steadman
We Had A Deal 3:39 Onelinedrawing
learnin' dirty tricks 3:55 Buck Owens
Hell Yes I Cheated 4:21 Sonny Burgess
The Cheat 1:34 Murderbeach
Lay Down The Law 2:44 Map
Living wIth the Law 4:05 Chris Whitley

This is a Disembodied Voices Podcast Group Podcast

Sleepless in Seattle

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In fact it was Taichung but Seattle is probably the closest US city to here. We played episode 3 of the "eX-Wife files" our original audio fiction series. Mention, Jack, Aron Michalski and Jack Mangan. Play 2 promos, some new music and skidaddle.

Cream and Bastards Rise 3:17 Harvey Danger
Life's A Song 3:25 Jets Overhead
Tropiikin Kuuma Huuma 5:37 Shogun Kunitoki
Body language (interpretation) 4:59 Booka Shade
You Can't Fool Me Dennis 3:40 Mystery Jets
The History of French Cuisine 4:36 Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey
Montezuma 4:55 Shogun Kunitoki
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy 4:39 Pink Mountaintops
Modern Swinger 3:08 The Pink Spiders
It Takes a Man 2:45 Damn the Lion
Dirty Lives 3:06 Love As Laughter
Tangerine Bed: Mandarine girl (album version) 5:44 Booka Shade

Promos: J.C. Hutchins-7th Son Deadpan
This is a Disembodied Voices Podcast Group Podcast

FreeCulture News:

Yes lovers of good audio books and literature, it's true. Todays FC News offers interview with co-founders Tee Morris and Chris Miller.I talk with them seperately on their roles and experiences in starting We play several Creative Commons songs with 3 of them from which is one cool label and provides it's artists with half of the income from sales. Similar to what PB.Com does with it's authors on received donations.

Update:See what I'm listening to on below the banner on the left.
Tell Me a Story Chris Juergensen

Code Monkey Jonathan Coulton

Juego Mutandina

In the Bed: Genesis Wave Anup

This is a Disemboided Voices Podcast Group Podcast

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Easter Bunnies, Jesus and Spring

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Today's MindField will take you on a journey that includes :Easter Bunnies, Jesus, Spring, Rain, Flowers and new life.

Please buy music directly from artists whenever possible.

Tantrum egg 5:08 Tantrum
Rabbit Furcoat 4:34 Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
Eggtooth 3:28 Oranger
Oh Jesus.... 4:36 Your Black Star
Walking Back To Jesus part Two 4:04 The Broken Family band
First You Must Rise 3:55 The Dharmas
Magical Spring 4:25 Ride
Springtime Can Kill You 2:47 Jolie Holland
Spring Came, Rain Fell 2:36 Club 8
second spring 4:39 Maquiladora
Seeing Life Through Flowers (Starstuff) 3:51 Serpent of Eve
Dandelion 4:00 Antje Duvekot
Hiphop bunny bed:Shoplift [el-P Rremix] 3:50 Rob Sonic

This is a Disemboided Voices Podcast Group Podcast

Download mp3 here
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