MindField: Writings of a “Demented Millionaire”

by Mark Forman on March 17, 2006

More 700 hobo images by Len

Drawing by Len from Jawbone Radio

The Demented Millionaire, no not me unfortuntely (well maybe the dementia part)  John Hodgman of Little Gray Books, Areas of My Expertise, Self-promoter par excellence, crime partner of Jonathan Coulton(aka Crouton), gang-banger ( the Whiffenpoofs), and the aforementioned "DM" of the They Might Be Giants Podcasts. I almost forgot he is the accuser of Jonathan Crouton's poor cat-iquette(funny video).

Todays story is from one of John's hobo essays in the Areas of My Expertise book. While John is not really a demented millionaire, he told me if he sells a million books he'll gladly become one, and hire me to say funny things on his podcast.

These are the songs which we used to build out the musical side of the SongStory. Please buy directly from these artists whenever possible. Sorry a little technical gaff-file is oknow. Please redownload if incomplete. Surimasen!

President_Of_What 4:01 Death_Cab_For_Cutie
Crowd Pleaser 4:16 Lion Fever
Dry Bones 3:15 Handsome Family
What Are They Fighting For 3:13 RIOT99
Gold Digger - Diplo Final Remix 3:19 Diplo
Smile 4:03 Cosmic Rough Riders
Let's Go To War 3:48 Oh Sweet Music!
Dust My Broom 4:10 Joanna Connor
Dread In The West 3:05 I Roy
Texas, Texas; No Tennessee 3:54 The Evaluation
Torture 1:57 turtle
Wandering Strager 8:14 Entrace
Japanese Girls 2:29 Robbers On High Street
A Train Went Past The Window 3:14 The Proclaimers
Blue Wind Blew 3:17 The Flatlanders
The classy canopied bed:Wine 1:50 Jack Mangan
Candles 1:35 Jack Mangan

Promos: Podiobooks.com Tee Morris ADDcast-shiny!

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