March 2006

Marconi’s cousin-Annie Jameson

03.30.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Podcom What a fine lass Annie was. Very different from her cousin Guglielmo(inventor of radio). An Irish rose Annie was. We spin a yarn about Annie in today's SongStory© incorporating songs about the radio and airwaves. Please buy music directly from the artist whenever possible New Radio 1:33 Bikini Kill Vanilla Radio 3:18 The Wildhearts Talk […]


MindField:Water=More than One “H” and Two “O’s”

03.28.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by EmotionBlogster Water, the stuff of legend, of life. The substance that keeps us going on this globe mostly covered by the liquid. We crave it like the Fremen on Arrakis craved spice, only difference our eyes don't get that nice blueish glow, but our skin does get a nice sheen to it. Splash it, […]


Straight no chaser

03.25.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Amortize Yes, folks we all have our mellow moods, even the Bluesman. Have no fear the musical selections are not all mellow, but they are all good!  Winding down a great birthday day(#47 if you care to know), with a couple of nice scotches to really put the mellow on with a capital "M." Help […]


Butterfly Dreams

03.23.2006 by Mark Forman

Photo by Flutterbye8567 I've been thinking about the subject of dreams and the action as well. What can I say-surreal, vital, addictive, mysterious and fascinating to rattle off a handful of adjectives. The famous poet and Taoist immortal Chuang Tzu wrote the Butterfly Dream. This is a poem where the poet questions is it himself dreaming […]


Spurious Facts About Jonathan Coulton

03.21.2006 by Mark Forman

This MindField cast is comprised of some sound bites of Jonathan from interview I did with him last winter, spurious facts I fabricated for the sake of laughs(hopefully Jonathan's included), In Monkey Land (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan, 1907), and a bunch of Jonathan's wonderful songs. Jonathan Coulton typifies the spirit of Free Culture […]

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