Marconi’s cousin-Annie Jameson

Photo by Podcom

What a fine lass Annie was. Very different from her cousin Guglielmo(inventor of radio). An Irish rose Annie was. We spin a yarn about Annie in today's SongStory© incorporating songs about the radio and airwaves.

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New Radio 1:33 Bikini Kill
Vanilla Radio 3:18 The Wildhearts
Talk About The Radio 3:49 The Sugarplastic
Dance Dance Dance To The Radio 2:17 M.O.T.O.
Air 3:24 The Owls
Airborne 3:16 Wussy
We Travel the Spaceways 2:31 Sun Ra
Black Skies 3:16 Cam Tarn
Listening to Sound 3:22 Sicbay
The Sound You Hear 5:01 Chris Stamey
The Loudest Sound 4:08 Radiogram
The WIre 2:28 Cause for Applause
End Of The Line 4:11  Mohair

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MindField:Water=More than One “H” and Two “O’s”

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Water, the stuff of legend, of life. The substance that keeps us going on this globe mostly covered by the liquid. We crave it like the Fremen on Arrakis craved spice, only difference our eyes don't get that nice blueish glow, but our skin does get a nice sheen to it. Splash it, sip it, swim in it, cleanse in it. All this and a variety of water music to refresh your ears.

Please buy music directly from artist wherever possible.

I Come From The Water    2:46    The Toadies   
Cool Water    2:54    Laura Veirs  
Shallow Heart, Shallow Water    4:41    Caitlin Cary   
water on sand    5:54    sans trauma                
Dirty Water    6:53    Buddy & Julie Miller                
Flowing    3:01    Teenage Fanclub   
Flowman    4:10    PKT           
Trapped Under Ice Flows    3:22    +/-  
A Bend In The River    5:24    Mark Erelli   
Down To The River    2:32    Rosie Flores           
Caught By The River    5:55    Doves                
Across The River    5:20    Alejandro Escovedo  
Walk Into The Sea    2:56    Low   

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Straight no chaser

Photo by Amortize

Yes, folks we all have our mellow moods, even the Bluesman. Have no fear the musical selections are not all mellow, but they are all good!  Winding down a great birthday day(#47 if you care to know), with a couple of nice scotches to really put the mellow on with a capital "M."

Help make my birthday complete by buying some music directly from these artists.

All The People    4:40    Jets Overhead
Don't Be Afraid, I've Just Come to Say Goodbye   5:03    Spider
It Ain't Supposed to Be    2:25    Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners
Bafazi (Live + Solo)    2:46    Madosini
I Like To Move In The Night    3:59    The Eagles of Death Metal
Fireflies (Duet With Rachel Yamagata)    4:07    Rhett Miller
Homesick Boy    3:14    George Thorogood
Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away    3:39    Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Six Days (Remix ft. Mos Def)    3:55    DJ Shadow
Adapt!    4:38    The Antennas
Not Safe Around Here    3:41    Holy Madre
That Teenage Feeling    2:42    Neko Case
Galaxie Fraulein    3:21    The Capes
The Bed of terror: Terrorismo    3:40    Filastine    

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Butterfly Dreams

Photo by Flutterbye8567

I've been thinking about the subject of dreams and the action as well. What can I say-surreal, vital, addictive, mysterious and fascinating to rattle off a handful of adjectives. The famous poet and Taoist immortal Chuang Tzu wrote the Butterfly Dream. This is a poem where the poet questions is it himself dreaming he is a butterfly or is he in fact a butterfly dreaming he was Chuang Tzu-do you all get that? Anyhow, the Butterfly Dream together with the musical: Monk's Dream serve as the bed over which we play these songs.

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dreams burn down    6:04    Ride             
Dream Sequence    4:15    Arab Strap   
67 dreams    1:33    Turn Me On Dead Man   
Dreams    5:09    TV on the Radio   
Pills and dreams    7:06    Tantrum                  
Dream Girl    3:24    Superkreme             
Dreams    2:56    Soulside                
West Country Dream    2:03    Mountain Goats   
Parisian Dream    3:02    Laura Veirs   
09 Dreamtime    4:31    Hazel Winter                     
Dream Of You Dead    6:07    Five Four                        
Robots Dream In Black And White    2:16    Koyla      
Dream Lover    3:35    Big Star    

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Spurious Facts About Jonathan Coulton

This MindField cast is comprised of some sound bites of Jonathan from interview I did with him last winter, spurious facts I fabricated for the sake of laughs(hopefully Jonathan's included), In Monkey Land (Arthur Collins and Byron G. Harlan, 1907), and a bunch of Jonathan's wonderful songs. Jonathan Coulton typifies the spirit of Free Culture and Creative Commons to me-thanks for that JoCo!

Please make sure to go and buy copious quantities of music from Jonathan so he can buy the biggest and best Optimus Prime stroller for his tot!

Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance 3:48 Jonathan Coulton
Don't Talk to Strangers 3:07 Jonathan Coulton
Stroller Town 2:45 Jonathan Coulton
A Talk with George 3:04 Jonathan Coulton
Take Care of Me 2:42 Jonathan Coulton
Chiron Beta Prime 2:48 Jonathan Coulton
Curl 3:16 Jonathan Coulton
So Far So Good 3:20 Jonathan Coulton
You Could Be Her 4:19 Jonathan Coulton
Betty And Me 3:05 Jonathan Coulton
Brookline 4:12 Jonathan Coulton
Screwed 3:54 Jonathan Coulton
My Monkey 2:45 Jonathan Coulton
Better 3:14 Jonathan Coulton
DNA 3:11 Jonathan Coulton
Skullcrusher Mountain 4:16 Jonathan Coulton

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The Elusive “E’s”

Photo by JJ Schad

Playing some great eclectic music from bands/artist names that begin with "E" in my attempt to really get through the archives and play all kinds of good indie podsafe music. Had a nice note the other day from a band member-Hi-just stumbled onto your blog. I'm in the Bad Rackets...thanks for including us! great to see people spreading our stuff around..thanks again.clint

Hey Clint-that's that's we're all about man! Mention upcoming interview with the baddest mofo in podcasting( Dave Slusher/EGC-according to Jonathan Coulton) and an all Jonathan Coulton music cast coming up soon. Dedicate a "Virginia song" to a bunch of Virginia friends( Hugh & Sarah, Tee & Mrs. Tee, Paul & Martha, and Ken & Nancy)
Please buy music directly from artists whenever possible.

Mondo Soul Funky 5:01 Ebo Taylor Junior
Hidegen fújnak a szelek 3:17 The Ex
Dance Epidemic 2:48 Electric Six
Munich 3:50 Editors
Tensleep 4:05 Embryo
idol generation 2:28 Emergency
Second Son 3:35 Elliott Brood
Down In Virginia 4:15 Emily Sparks
Telling That Lie Again 3:03 Eugene Edwards
O Yeah 2:59 End Of Fashion
Pucker Up 2:36 The Ends
Don't Know Why (You Stay) 3:26 The Essex Green
I Need A Moment Alone 3:00 Ezra Reich
Come In Out Of The Rain 4:04 Engineers
Embedded: Lorge 3:56 El Ten Eleven

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MindField: Writings of a “Demented Millionaire”

More 700 hobo images by Len

Drawing by Len from Jawbone Radio

The Demented Millionaire, no not me unfortuntely (well maybe the dementia part)  John Hodgman of Little Gray Books, Areas of My Expertise, Self-promoter par excellence, crime partner of Jonathan Coulton(aka Crouton), gang-banger ( the Whiffenpoofs), and the aforementioned "DM" of the They Might Be Giants Podcasts. I almost forgot he is the accuser of Jonathan Crouton's poor cat-iquette(funny video).

Todays story is from one of John's hobo essays in the Areas of My Expertise book. While John is not really a demented millionaire, he told me if he sells a million books he'll gladly become one, and hire me to say funny things on his podcast.

These are the songs which we used to build out the musical side of the SongStory. Please buy directly from these artists whenever possible. Sorry a little technical gaff-file is oknow. Please redownload if incomplete. Surimasen!

President_Of_What 4:01 Death_Cab_For_Cutie
Crowd Pleaser 4:16 Lion Fever
Dry Bones 3:15 Handsome Family
What Are They Fighting For 3:13 RIOT99
Gold Digger - Diplo Final Remix 3:19 Diplo
Smile 4:03 Cosmic Rough Riders
Let's Go To War 3:48 Oh Sweet Music!
Dust My Broom 4:10 Joanna Connor
Dread In The West 3:05 I Roy
Texas, Texas; No Tennessee 3:54 The Evaluation
Torture 1:57 turtle
Wandering Strager 8:14 Entrace
Japanese Girls 2:29 Robbers On High Street
A Train Went Past The Window 3:14 The Proclaimers
Blue Wind Blew 3:17 The Flatlanders
The classy canopied bed:Wine 1:50 Jack Mangan
Candles 1:35 Jack Mangan

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What, no “E?”

Photo by LeoL30

How is it that none of you noticed that I skipped from "D" to "F", huh? "D" to "F", kind of sounds like my last report card. Well, if the truth be known this wasn't a calculated stroke of genius on my part, well maybe sub-genius. I must be suffering from Mennengasia. "E" will be coming real soon featuring some nice instrumental music from Phoenix author/musician and soon to be podcaster friend Jack Mangan.

Flying High with “F”

Photo by PSD

We resume the dictionary series with the wonderful letter "f", the head of finance, fortune, fame and famine. Hey wait, we were doing better at the start. Some great tunes and shout out to Karen and Smokin' Joe, ICE attendees: Tee Morris and Jack Mangan, new Clambake-EGC:Dave Slusher w/ guest Jonathan Coulton, and Sarah B., Hugh's wife.

Promos: Morevi,, Babylon 5, children of the gods

Please buy music directly from artists whenever possible 

Let's Take It to the Stage    3:37    Funkadelic  
Ekaba Kaba    8:17    Franco              
Första Sista    4:16    Familjen          
Madame, Madame!    3:54    Firefox AK             
I'm Still Around    3:59    Five Eight             
My Apple Has Four Legs    4:05    Feathers              
Two Fat Feet    4:06    The Fiery Furnaces              
Popstar Researching Oblivion    6:13    Flotation Toy Warning              
smokes i've had    3:46    fake music                         
Who Told You?    3:12    Fontaine Toups, The  
Going For My Lungs    3:28    The Fold   
Teenage Witch    1:53    Filthy Jim            
Written In Stone    3:21    Fu Manchu          
San Souci    2:57    Frenzal Bomb                  

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