December 2005

So the Nickel Stops

12.31.2005 by Mark Forman

2005 comes to an end. In Chinese custom if you make it to new years it means you escaped being consumed by a big evil dragon, whew-looks like we made it. Thanks so much to all readers/listeners, my D-Voice posse, and especially to those of you that provide comments and feedback. Today's show is a […]


MindField:The Long Tail Wagging the Dog

12.29.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo By James B So much talk about the Longtail these days in the blog/podosphere. Concept originally espoused by Wired editor: Chris Anderson late last year. I offer some different spins on the Long Tail concept/philosophy as well as some possible applications in my own life. Play some new songs along with a few favorites […]


MindField: Tunes from Tucson’s Trendsetters

12.28.2005 by Mark Forman

Howdy rodeo fans-first let me get caught up on a couple of Chanukkah songs dedicated to Scripting News'-Dave Winer(love my rss) and Evil Genius Chronicles-Dave Slusher-2 cool Daves. Now we get to a musical journey to one of my favorite towns-Tucson. Spent some of the best years of my youth there and do some blabbing […]


Free Culture 9/Property/Chapter 7:Recorders

12.25.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo by Latittude 13 News Items from Creative Commons-Jonathan Coulton's Flickr piece-magic. 50 Foot Waves Free Music EP,and new program for pulishers wanting to reclaim rights previously given out. Frree Culture /Property/Chapter 7:Recorders is read today. Music: Jonathan Coulton: My Monkey remix Jonathan Coulton:Furry Lobster 50 Foot Wave: Pretty Ugly Brad Sucks: Dirtbag-Brad Goes to […]


A Broadcaster’s Christmas Carol

12.25.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo by simpologist This is a link for Hugh Brackett's podioplay production of Terry Heaton's remake of the old Dickens tale: A Christmas Carol. Some well know podcasters contributed there voices to the production. Thanks for the hard work Hugh! Cast: Narrator - Mark Forman Ebenezer - Evo Terra Ghost 1 - Hugh Brackett Woman 1, […]

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