Free Culture Chap. 5-Piracy

Free Culture continues with Chapter 5-Piracy. Only one news item due to length of chapter reading. This offered by Cory D. at Boing Boing: Sony CD spyware installs and can run permanently, even if you click "Decline"
WeaponsOfMassDeception 3:21 The Bots
Fly high 3:50 Dread Daze
There's Something Wrong 3:20 Brad Sucks
We Can't Make It Here 7:09 James McMurtry
Sun City Solo 10:37 Orb Gettarr
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First Dose of XMas Music:65

Post-Turkey dose of XMas audio, get ready for the cheer here, hear? Mention Chris Whitley's passing, upoming FC News with Aron Michalski dedicated to Chris' memory and music.

Spanish Harlem Incident 2:38 Chris Whitley
Christmas Time 2:57 Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Christmas Crush 3:25 Home Grown
Christmas In Nevada 3:15 Willard Grant Conspiracy
Christmas Vacation 2:39 Descendents
Just_like_Christmas 2:31 The_Dudley_Corporation
Christmas Lights 2:48 The Soft Set
Baby Let's Spend Xmas Here on Mars 2:16 Bubble Podsafe Music Network
In the Backround: Bacon 2.22.05 4:31 Organic!
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RIAA-free CDs


A holiday gift guide for conscientious music-lovers

Parents hounding you for a holiday wish-list? Unsure what to buy for your friends?

Gift-giving has gotten harder since the Recording Industry Association of America came to town. The cartel of the biggest record labels has made a name for itself by suing families for downloading music, lobbying for massive expansions in copyright control, and including nasty DRM that limits fair use rights on their CDs. It's hard to support an industry which treats its customers like that!
Link thanks Nicholas

FreeCulture News:7

Photo by dailyjournal
What's up homefries-today's interview guest is Dylan and Emily's music podcasting daddy-C.C. Chapman. He and the Bluesman babble about PME, future of music, Free Culture, Accident Hash, U-Turn Cafe and of course music. So come on in and see how C.C. and I cook together. I know you're all going to enjoy this one.

Musical nourishment was provided by the following great artists, if the spirit moves you please buy their Cds:
Uplift theme music(by Thievery Corp., Dave Slusher and BBluesman)
C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) 4:33 Tom Vek
Technology Song 4:36 Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Hand of Mercy Hope Trueblood
stupidest thing 4:00 Shade tree
Letters To A Loved One 2:57 The Dharmas
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Home Fries:

FreeCulture News:6

Photo by Evil Genius
The "Chocolate" portion of our interview with Evil Genius' Dave Slusher. Dave talks about many topics including the liberation of not giving a "rip" about what people think about you, to his finding out about the "Gentle Readers" . In the process he mentions Wired Jesus podcast and utilization of Creative Commons principles in doing 2 shows inspired by Dave's "Godcast". Lot of "meat" in this one folks-come on in, the water is fine.
Music includes: Uplift theme music(by Thievery Corp., Dave and I)
Fourstones - superego (Larry Mix) (3:42)
Tennessee Fire 5:37 The Silos
Freedom 4:19 J Mascis And The Fog
Broken Man 4:30 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios
Red Dress 4:59 James McMurtry
Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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Words not to be taken lightly…

Recent Free Culture News' guest Dave Slusher had these magnanimous comments to offer:
"Mark Forman’s interview with me has been published. As an obligatory old media dig, I will note that very few of the print reporters I have spoken to in the last year were this engaged. In fact, Dan Conover might be the only one. My experiences with the national press is that they generally weren’t very insightful, curious, nor did they even seem to be listening very hard. Check out this interview and let me know what you think."

Words uttered by a man that doesn't suffer fools. Guess what? Part 2 of interview, the "Chocolate" part is even better. Keep your eyes pealed! Thanks, Dave!

FreeCulture News:5

Photo by EvilGenius
Today's guest is Evil Genius Chronicles host Dave Slusher. First of 2 part interview. We'll call this the Vanilla part-cover's everything from Free Beer to Free Culture. Chocolate part up in a day or 2-help you have an informed, interesting, and wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Make sure to check out Dave's new AmigoFish site and take it for a spin.
News Story for today:Sony BMG Saga: The Recall, Open Source Questions

Out of Control 6:34 Dave Alvin
Losing You 3:34 The Redlands Palomino Co.
Cottonseed 6:23 Drive-By Truckers
The Animal Speaks 4:09 The Golden Palominos
In Background:Tube'n 3:53 Redd Volkaert
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FreeCulture News:4

Special Thanksgiving Interview from a very thankful Brother Love, all excited from experiences at Podcast Expo. Mention Organic-John & Bennet, Rob & Podcast NYC, C.C. Chapman, Leo Laporte and a bunch of other groovy people. Mention Brother Love Notes Podcast, etc. So hear what the man has to say. Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends, enjoy everyone!

Music included : Uplift
Round & Round Brother Love
Shakin The Henhouse Organic
Lost Weekend Brother Love
Summertime Brother Love
People Everywhere Brother Love

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Oh yeah, the Open Source Issue…

Thanks Ken for Banners!
Sony BMG Saga: The Recall, Open Source Questions
And there’s a new wrinkle: Software writers discovered “at least five functions” in the copy protection software on Sony BMG CDs that are identical to code from an open source project. Here’s the thing about open source projects: the lesser general public license does not allow open source in larger, copyrighted applications. From a post at BetaDot: “While the violation was probably not a fault of Sony’s, rather a lazy employee who decided to just copy and paste the code which someone else had already written, rather than write it himself, the violation is still quite clear and needs to be dealt with.”

Mr. Ed was smarter than these "maroons."

Thanks Coolfer