November 2005

Free Culture Chap. 5-Piracy

11.29.2005 by Mark Forman

Free Culture continues with Chapter 5-Piracy. Only one news item due to length of chapter reading. This offered by Cory D. at Boing Boing: Sony CD spyware installs and can run permanently, even if you click "Decline" WeaponsOfMassDeception 3:21 The Bots Fly high 3:50 Dread Daze There's Something Wrong 3:20 Brad Sucks We Can't Make […]


First Dose of XMas Music:65

11.27.2005 by Mark Forman

Post-Turkey dose of XMas audio, get ready for the cheer here, hear? Mention Chris Whitley's passing, upoming FC News with Aron Michalski dedicated to Chris' memory and music. Spanish Harlem Incident 2:38 Chris Whitley Christmas Time 2:57 Mighty Mighty Bosstones Christmas Crush 3:25 Home Grown Christmas In Nevada 3:15 Willard Grant Conspiracy Christmas Vacation 2:39 Descendents […]


RIAA-free CDs

11.27.2005 by Mark Forman

A holiday gift guide for conscientious music-lovers Parents hounding you for a holiday wish-list? Unsure what to buy for your friends? Gift-giving has gotten harder since the Recording Industry Association of America came to town. The cartel of the biggest record labels has made a name for itself by suing families for downloading music, lobbying for massive […]


FreeCulture News:7

11.25.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo by dailyjournal What's up homefries-today's interview guest is Dylan and Emily's music podcasting daddy-C.C. Chapman. He and the Bluesman babble about PME, future of music, Free Culture, Accident Hash, U-Turn Cafe and of course music. So come on in and see how C.C. and I cook together. I know you're all going to enjoy […]


FreeCulture News:6

11.24.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo by Evil Genius The "Chocolate" portion of our interview with Evil Genius' Dave Slusher. Dave talks about many topics including the liberation of not giving a "rip" about what people think about you, to his finding out about the "Gentle Readers" . In the process he mentions Wired Jesus podcast and utilization of Creative […]