October 2005

FreeCulture.org Start one on your Campus!

10.31.2005 by Mark Forman

Thank you Rosa-we won't forget you! FreeCulture.org an international student movement for free culture Free Culture Manifesto The mission of the Free Culture movement is to build a bottom-up, participatory structure to society and culture, rather than a top-down, closed, proprietary structure. Through the democratizing power of digital technology and the Internet, we can place the tools of […]


Cooperation through the ether

10.31.2005 by Mark Forman

Just got a gracious affirmation from author John Hodgman, "Areas of My Expertise." John's book contains some essays on Hobos, which I will be reciting over the 700 Hobos roll call on future GALU shows. Keep your ears open for that. In the meantime pick up a copy and find out about his wacky take […]


FC4: Chap. 3/Catalogues

10.31.2005 by Mark Forman

Free Culture News Stories: 1)More on Yahoo divulging info on Chinese dissident to Chinese gov't. 2) Second hand CD resale/maintaining digital copies 3)Bringing old art/film back to life FreeCulture.org and Creative commons program Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. Chapter for Today:Catalogues My hero for today-Jesse Jordan My major dissapoint of today -Jerry Yang Some songs […]


Time Shifted Love:58

10.30.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo by Olvwu Alas, a love story of sorts. Started with skype chat with the Bitterman, and had an Aurgasm together, deep in the old ears! Mention Dave Slusher's shout out. Now for the building blocks of this story: Overheard in background: Love You Madly 3:57 Cake In order- Blue Man 4:24 Superkreme San Antonio […]


Free As A Bird:57

10.25.2005 by Mark Forman

What can I say-have had freedom on my mind a lot. Guess I'll blame, no, thank Lawrence Lessig. We need to cherish our freedom and protect it-hence, the theme for song title story. Mention reading on Daniel Emery's podcast story. Baby You're So Free 3:31 Cosmic Rough Riders Runnin 5:05 Heartless Bastards Burden of Freedom 6:50 […]


Ghoul Cool

10.24.2005 by Mark Forman

GLU's favorite student organization: Free Culture, has a drive going to "Bring Dead Art Back to Life." What the hell? Ever wanted to bring something back from the dead? Well, you still can't revive old Fido, but you can bring dead art back to life! Most art doesn't make it into the history books – in fact, […]


Free Culture News/FC3

10.22.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo Courstesy of C. Doctorow Hello fellow netizens and Citizen Media receiver/transmitters! So much has been going on so quickly, it's all very exciting! Due to the work and art of impressive individuals like Cory Doctorow, Lawrence Lessig, Dave Slusher, Brad Sucks, Jonathan Coulton, the Steadman Band and others, I've decide to add new feature […]

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Must Look Up to See Stars:57

10.21.2005 by Mark Forman

Photo Provided by Poagao Talk about Steve Eley's-Escape Pod podcast. Mention enjoying Daniel Emery's stories. Played Hunter S. Thompson's 6th part of lecture. Shared my new poem: Must Keep Thinking. Background music: Starsong Ashengrace Gotta Get Out 3:44 Goldstars Chain Reaction 6:05 31Knots trashout 2:34 bigbuildings He_War 3:32 Cat_Power Underwater Wave Game 4:16 Pit Er […]


Take Me Out :56

10.17.2005 by Mark Forman

Living vicariously I take my son Kevin to his first baseball game(my first in Taiwan). Tim came along for the ride. Podcast song titles spell out the word b.a.s.e.b.a.l.l. the original "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" is featured in background. I recite Lawrence Felinghetti's "Baseball Canto" and DH Lawrence "Virgin Youth" Bla BLa Bla 3:58 […]


Free Culture:FC2

10.17.2005 by Mark Forman

Free Culture Piracy-Chapter 1. The Disney people and Mickey Mouse come up again, hmm. I mention Cory's link in BoingBoing, thanks Cory! BC from the Bots, where Entertainment and the Truth meet. My crazy Scottish friends from Frantic Chant provide a Scottish opera recorded among clouds of smoke. Gilberto Gil is Minister of Culture for […]