Amusing news

Bogus military suppliers sentenced-Psst, you guys want to buy an A-bomb made of spam?

China pig tattoos drives artist wild-How about a naked lady on that pigskin?

Invoiced Divorce: Wife Wants Back Pay For Housework-And don't forget the nookie, either.

Scientology Not To Blame for Holmes "Sores"-Whoah, what a relief!
Word to road crews: Tuscaloosa is over 1,000 miles thataway-Oh, that Boston!
T On The Fringe-Fringe Festival in Scotland

Technical Glitches

Hello loyal listening friends and fellow music lovers,
It has been brought to my attention that due to some adjustments in my rss enclosure end tags that this may cause older versions of IPodder Lemon to duplicate downloading the same file. This is being corrected and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If in fact, you have downloaded the same file more than once, why don’t you ask a friend to listen and enjoy our little crazy world within the Getting a Leg Up universe? So I say off with the heads of the tech geeks until we need them again(and then re-connect their heads, of course).

Secondly, on NY Devil Show#39-I apologize for some slight static and the doubling up on last song-these are what make podcasts so endearing-the human element. In shogun tradition I have cut off the right index finger of my producer Pepe Lemoko. He has vowed never to make that mistake again.

Some Good Mind Toys

Actor James Doohan; Scotty on 'Star Trek' Scotty we'll miss you here on earth, and trust you to look after our dilithium crystals till we meet again.
PODCASTING: Radio Revolution
Microsoft squanders podcasting opportunity
Pistons, Larry Brown part ways Gee,is it cause I talked with other teams while mine was still engaged in playoff competition?
Microsoft sues rival for hiring executive Do Major Corporations Actualldo Dirty Underhanded Stuff Like That?
Stand Up Comics Talking with Joe Sacco, the innovator of contemporary comics journalism