July 2005

Disembodied Silliness#41

07.30.2005 by Mark Forman

Poem 1 & 2 Props to Nick Carver-No Idle Frets Jazz Guitar podcast, Disembodied Voices Podcast group Fake French 2:52 Le Tigre Low Desert Punk 5:21 Brant Bjork Man U. 5:13 The Giraffes BREAD N BUT 2:03 BUBBLE Valentine's Day Massacre 1:44 Lynyrd's Innards Grand Prix 2:58 The Evil Queens Podsafe Music Network shine 3:16 bob […]


Disembodied Voices Podcast Group

07.29.2005 by Mark Forman

Disembodied Voices Podcast Group: New Podcast group looking for like minded, free-spirit members who are committed to expressing themselves through podcasting. If this sounds like you please leave comment or e-mail.


PodSafe Music Network Offers Podcaster’s Convenience

07.29.2005 by Mark Forman

This in from PMN’s head honcho: if you are registered with PMN as podcaster>login>check your playlist>right click on xml link> load into subscribe for podcast in Itunes>you’ll get a complete listing in Itunes of your songlist songs which you can then download by clicking on get button!


Sunny, Almost 40 Degrees#40

07.28.2005 by Mark Forman

Today we reached show #40-and celebrate with a sunny mix of music-enjoy! Poem 1 Towards The Sun-mp3 4:51 Drop BUY CD Under The Sun 5:38 Raging Slab White Sunshine 2:06 Murderbeach Sunlight 5:58 Matthew Sweet <br><br><br> Magnolia 2:28 Apollo Sunshine BUY CD Sunday Driver 3:53 Sharks and Minnows BUY CD Sun City Suicide 4:19 Go […]


Amusing news

07.27.2005 by Mark Forman

Bogus military suppliers sentenced-Psst, you guys want to buy an A-bomb made of spam? China pig tattoos drives artist wild-How about a naked lady on that pigskin? Invoiced Divorce: Wife Wants Back Pay For Housework-And don't forget the nookie, either. Scientology Not To Blame for Holmes "Sores"-Whoah, what a relief! Word to road crews: Tuscaloosa is over […]