Rockin the Cold Germs Away

Dealing with a summer cold. Needed a good dose of adrenaline-filled rock and roll to get me over it. Very international flavor today, in order, London, England, Queens, NY, Ireland, Stockholm, Sweden, and Buffalo , NY. Here it is:

Art Brut-Good Weekend-BUY CD
Joey Ramone -Maria Bartiromo-BUY CD
npb-popsong112-BUY CD
The Hellacopters - Toys And Flavors-BUY CD
3 Man -Undone-BUY CD

Put Me in Coach…

Just got to love it-Promoed by the snake man in 360º Slither sound no less. I think he lives on mice under airplane seats. My man C.C.(or is it C squared?) getting all lit up in Wall Street Journal article-way to carry the flag Beantown butter and egg man! Now tell us where we can get scrod in Boston?

Got a great idea for the Podfather-my lips are sealed until it's done. Still temporarily not in the party(Put me in coach)-no ITunes directory listing yet, but digging the new software. Will podcast later today so just hold your earbuds!

ITunes 4.9-Big Step in the Right Direction

Yes I'm pissed that Getting a Leg Up should be in the new ITunes 4.9 directory and isn't yet. However, Apple has taken podcast receiving, subscribing, awareness a great step forward by including it into their ITunes system and making it much user frindly than all the previous podcast tuner/aggregators.

To include our podcast after installing ITunes, go to ITunes, press on Advanced Menu, then press subscribe to podcast, copy this link:
then paste in window and click ok. You got it! Enjoy-you'll be able to find a lot of other great podcasts in there as well. Happy hunting!

Rainy Tales

I got bitten by a musical snake, a dreadful snake podcast full of Americana music! Never the less -the show must go on. Sitting here mildewing from the abundant precipitation so I'm going to rain back on you with rain music.

Music Sandwich EOM Special

I need to use up my open space on libsyn so I'm providing a 10 song sandwhich. No talking during music, yes say your hallelujah's, hail Mary's, light your incense!

Alternative Ulster 2:45 Stiff Little Fingers
you won't fall - lori carson 4:36
Monday Morning Blues 4:16 Peter Case, Dave Alvin
Hazel winter Dreamtime
Life in the Factory 5:28 Drive By Truckers
Guit-Steel Blues 11:14 Junior Brown
Profits of Doom 3:14 Clutch
i love you 'cause (you look like me) 2:35 The Ponys
Redd, White & Blue 6:00 Redd Volkaert
Freakin\' Out 3:41 Graham Coxon

So it's like that!
Show # 25

In the Wee Hours: Show 24

Poem: Room
By Aron Michalski 10/18/91

What am I doing up? Chatting on skype, arranging podcast-must use up those precious libsyn megabytes. More and more female vocals are starting to click as is reflected in tonights cast.

Chuck Prophet-Summertime Thing BUY CD

One of those people I probably should have known due to all the mutual friends acquaintences in common, but... Definitely cool than his friends.

Why do I always want to confuse her with Victoria Williams? Same last name, both singer-song writers, just dumb? Never the less, great soulful voice with intelligent lyrics.

The Delgados-I Fought the Angels BUY CD

Aye, now I'm throwing down the gauntlet and stepping on to the Tartan Podcast territory. Can't help it Mark. Great band, great song much more melodic than Mary from France.

Buddy & Julie Miller- You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast BUY CD

Kind of raunchy tune from excellent husband and wife duo. He plays in Emmy Lou Harris' Band which is nothing to sneeze at.

James McMurty-Red Dress BUY CD Compadre Records Podcast

Here's a guy with a famous dad-novelist Larry McMurtry carrying his own weight as a singer songwriter. He's also a fellow Wildcat. This song is like an audio straight edged razor. This is one nasty white man from Texas

Poem-Clenched Soul
by Pablo Neruda

Torn Asunder: PCast #23

When The Song Begins
Poem by Mark Forman

One of those days where had you known better you would have stayed in bed... phooey on that. No ostriches on this bus. Tiring as it may be, fires need to be put out, problems need to be solved, and most importantly-baby always needs new shoes.

Playing a new song from one of my favorite artists all time, with him singing no less-that's a good move in the right direction. The Eno man himself, of Roxy Music, David Bowie, Talking Heads and U2 fame.

Another new song by an old favorite-Westy crooning away while strumming the acoustic guit box non-placematted, but crooning never the less.

A new band and song from Pela

Just what the doctor ordered some friendly, familiar Tucson music-Rich Hopkins.

Oooh, a classic from the best band that never existed-The Golden Palominos-where oh where is Anton Fier. Another case of them that burn brightest burning fastest?
Brian Eno-This BUY CD Download the Official Brian Eno podcast!
Paul Westerberg-Look Up In Heaven BUY CD
Pela-Episodes BUY CD
Rich Hopkins & Luminarios-White Powder Ma BUY CD
Golden Palominos-Boy(Go)-Buy CD


Wow prepping for show and listening to the music I feel I'm in the mountains above the clouds!

You asked for it-more Chinese music in cast. I'm using some classic Chinese music as background. How do you like it?

I Am
By Mark Forman© 6/20/05

I am the blur you see
From the corner of your eye
Crackling sound
in the Distance

I am the click you hear
When the trigger is pulled
Tree falling
No one around

I am the freshness you taste
Before the storm hits
Heat flashing
Head pounding

I am the fear your feel
Closet door is unclosed
Screaming echoes
Deep black well

I am the blood you touch
On wrinkled negligee
Vision of drowning
Mouth like cotton

I am that animal you sense
Off in the bushes
Reddening eyes
Beholden to instinct

Notes from a horn
Infrared rays
The hole in the sky
I am.

What’s happening inside your head?

When the Song Begins
By Mark Forman© 6/20/05

When the song begins to play
Visions start to come
Reality and illusion blur
With the beating of the drum

Then the strumming of the strings
Neck moving like a spring
Falling down on to the ground
Vibrating while I sing

When the pulsing of the bass
Takes me where I want to go
Into my heart it leaps
Helping my blood to flow

Then it all begins to gel
Like a rainbow in a jar
An old amped up violin
Rattling windows in the car

Once, and twice and twice again
I hear it in my head
Again, and one time more again
My needle’s hitting red

We sing our songs
And tell our tales
For everyone to hear
Until they turn upon us
Then down another beer

We tell our lies
And smile and grin
Our best for you to see
You’re thanks so very painful
You just can’t let us be

When the song goes on and on
The merry-go-round keeps turning
Melody comes from deep inside
An intensity almost burning

Then we become your stars
Some icons for your wall
Fodder for your cannon fire
Ducks sitting heads held tall

Been reading plenty of poems lately, figure I should try writing some as well. This one I heard in my head kind of like a grunge song-specifically early Soundgarden.

Busted by ID3 tag police-go figure. Typing with Tipi's on. Life still goes on. Must fix beeping UPS before it drives me insane.